Via Crucis of the Body Andre Peniche



These work is inspired on the book “A Via Crucis do corpo” from Clarice Lispector.

From this inspiration two works were produced: a Photo performance, presented in 2012 in São Paulo, and a Video Installation, presented in 2017 in Vienna.

On both works the performer dresses a yellow veil that covers her body.

The performance action typing is not the usual way of typing letters in the writing machine, she types in the same way that she masturbates herself.

The main idea of the performance is that the body uses an everyday object in the absence of another body. Through an everyday action the body expresses its need of another body. The fetich elements, such as the typing machine, the insinuating typing together with the symbolic elements creates the tension of the performance.

It is important to associate the performance to the video, because it is an element that transforms the way the video is presented. As an installation the video will always have a different outcome.

The hidden body can be free from the judgmental eyes. But underneath the costume, the real freedom is in the choice of staying or leaving, the possibility of watching and be watched but without revealing your face, yourself. Being covered limits the borders of the body, but also transforms the way the body is presented on the space.


Via Crucis of the Body Markus Hug


Via Crucis of the Body Markus Hug