resilience Lilian Fontenla

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"A demystified procedure of creating a work of art that has a result that is “an indexical moment of a body in time”

Antony Gormley


The action consists in the performer preparing a mixture of water and powder plaster. Then she submerges a white sheet into the mixture. As soon as the mixture is ready she undresses and reveals a body, which is wrapped in plastic. On the next step she covers her body with the sheet soaked with plaster. After a while it dries with the performer in it. When it is finally dry she leaves the mold, that conserves the shape of the body. She rips the plastic on her body and leaves.

There are many distinct bodies that constitute this performance.

The first body is the artist dressed in simple black or white clothes stepping into the performance. Then she becomes a strange body that is all wrapped in plastic, but still moving, still active. The next body becomes a wrinkled wet white sheet, that hides the performer from the audience and to go inside of this cocoon, but it is still present through the silhouette and through slightly movements. And then the body starts to become hard and the breathing is not so easy to be noticed until the moment that it stops and the body becomes a motionless rock.

The life comes out of it and all that is left is the form. It suddenly starts moving again at leisure pace up until the plastic wrapped body is back again, but not as before. It has changed; it is then all covered with white dirty. Then the performer start to release her from the plastic creating the last body that is alive and transformed.

The time that it takes for the performer to leave is very short in comparison of the time that the plaster takes to dry. The climax is the moment that the body becomes alive again. But it is also easily to be missed. And then what is left is the white shell that resembles so much a body that we cannot say if it is empty or full. Somehow the work has no begging or end because of the uncertainty of the performer absence or presence.

The remains of the performance are the body sculptures. Replicated images of a self and every single one are different not only in the position, but also the body shapes, which change together with the performer.

The change also happens with the performer. At each single body sculpture the experience of staying inside in this static position, of becoming a stone, of waiting, only concentrating on the exact moment to leave and after such a long time to return slowly and regain life and movement. Becoming whole again. And all there is left behind is emptiness and the memory of an inert body.

The material is simple, plaster, fabric, wrapping plastic and performer. The procedure is one. The result is plural. The performance can be seen as a ritual of creating a sculpture.

Resilience Rundgang Raffaela Bielesch

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Resilience Sebastiano Sing

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