4Cut Into Katya Dimova



“Cut into the chase” is a detachment ritual performance.

It involves sculptures created on previous works. The former performances showed to the audience the process of creating a sculpture and the experience of becoming a sculpture. Now with this performance by cutting them with a chainsaw, the experience is to expose, to open and to break established work standards.


On the former works one of the sculptures functions were to protect me. They worked as a shield. It was also an approach of showing the process and breaking the walls of the atelier. The materials used were plaster, fabric and wrapping plastic. A demystified procedure of creating a work of art that has a result that is “an indexical moment of a body in time”*.


With the following works I interacted more with the public, but again the sculpture was protecting me, holding me, creating this comfort and I was relying on this so I would not be so exposed to the audience. As Performance art really exposes the artist, the sculptures were before my way of protection and of empowerment


The present performance I am stepping out of the comfort zone and breaking it literally. By cutting the sculptures I am not relying anymore on my work standards because they have limited my range of creating. I am redefining the lines of my work and putting them in a different perspective so I can reinvent myself and through this playful way remain open.


While cutting the material it feels like it the sculptures fight back. As if it would say “Not without a fight”. Even the architecture resonates together with the golden chainsaw the vibration of the sculpture. It is in this tension that the work empowers me, not from the sculptures alone but through using the tools on them.


*Antony Gormley - Antony Gormley: Sculpted space, within and without 


Cut Into Katya Dimova


2Cut Into Katya Dimova


3Cut Into Katya Dimova